Analog Science Fact/Science Fiction (large-size) February 1965 issue.

By: ANALOG, (ed. John W. Campbell)

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February, 1965 issue. Only twenty five large-size issues were issued between March 1963 and March 1965, before reverting to a smaller, digest-sized format that it still retains today. This issue contains the second part of the Frank Herbert serial THE PROPHET OF DUNE (serialised in five issues January 1964 - May 1964), which together with the earlier DUNE WORLD (a three part-serial first published in in Analog, December 1963 - February 1964), was incorporated into the ''fix-up'' novel DUNE, published in hardcover in 1965. Oversize sf magazine (28 cm x 21 cm).

''Astounding/Analog is often considered the magazine where science fiction grew up. When editor John W. Campbell took over in 1938, he brought to Astounding an unprecedented insistence on placing equal emphasis on both words of ''science fiction.'' No longer satisfied with gadgetry and action per se, Campbell demanded that his writers try to think out how science and technology might really develop in the future-and, most importantly, how those changes would affect the lives of human beings. The new sophistication soon made Astounding the undisputed leader in the field, and Campbell began to think the old title was too ''sensational'' to reflect what the magazine was actually doing. He chose ''Analog'' in part because he thought of each story as an ''analog simulation'' of a possible future, and in part because of the close analogy he saw between the imagined science in the stories he was publishing and the real science being done in laboratories around the world''.

Title: Analog Science Fact/Science Fiction (large-size) February 1965 issue.

Author Name: ANALOG, (ed. John W. Campbell)


Edition: First edition.

Publisher: Conde Nast: NY.: 1965.

Binding: Oversize magazine.

Grading: NF/Fine (unread) copy.

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