Continuum 1 (and) Continuum 2 (and) Continuum 3 (and) Continuum 4).

By: Elwood, Roger (ed.)

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Four paperback volumes. Original fiction, seven long novellas by Philip Jose Farmer, Gene Wolfe, Anne McCaffrey, Chad Oliver, Poul Anderson, Edgar Pangborn and Thomas N. Scortia - each split into four parts, and serialised (as it were) in each of the four paperbacks. There was also one more novella with four different authors, one in each volume - Dean R. Koontz (vol 1), Gail Kimberly (vol 2), Pamela Sargeant & George Zebrowki (vol 3) and Barry N. Malzberg (vol 4).

''in the early 1970s he burst into fairly brief prominence when, with indefatigable salesmanship, he sold a huge number of Original Anthologies - more than 50 in all - to a wide variety of publishers). It has been estimated that Elwood alone constituted about a quarter of the total market for sf short stories - though see Mike Ashley's tempered analysis of these claims in Gateways to Forever: The Story of the Science-Fiction Magazines from 1970 to 1980 (2007) - and such dominance intensified the negative response to his strictures against any use of sex and religion in his anthologies that might be deemed obscene or ''permissive'' or irreligious according to a conservative Christian understanding of these offences. Notable among his many anthologies were: Future City (1973); Saving Worlds (anth 1973; vt The Wounded Planet 1974) with Virginia Kidd; the Continuum sequence, beginning CONTINUUM 1 (anth 1974), whose four volumes featured eight different four-part series; and Epoch (1975) with Robert Silverberg'' (John Clute/Encyclopedia of SF, 3rd Edition).

Title: Continuum 1 (and) Continuum 2 (and) Continuum 3 (and) Continuum 4).

Author Name: Elwood, Roger (ed.)


Edition: First paperback editions (& 1st printings)..

Publisher: Berkley: NY.: 1975-1976.

Binding: Paperback originals.

Grading: Fine (as new) copies but for a touch of spine wear.

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