A Scent Of New-Mown Hay (Hugh Lamb's copy).

By: Blackburn, John

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Grading: Page edges browning, a little spine lean, a VG copy.

Penguin 1615. Spy thriller with sf trappings: the author's first book. Published in the US in 1966 as a Lancer paperback as THE RELUCTANT SPY. UK horror anthologist Hugh Lamb's copy with his initials HL rubber-stamped on the inside back cover. There was a Digit paperback in 1964 (with a much better cover!) but this is the first paperback edition from three years earlier.

''(1923-1993) UK writer and antiquarian book dealer, author of many novels whose ambience of Horror derives from a calculated use of material from several genres, including sf, often simultaneously; he was a sophisticated, commercial exploiter of Equipoise in fantastic fiction. Early books, such as his first, A SCENT OF NEW MOWN-HAY (1958; vt The Reluctant Spy 1966), A Sour Apple Tree (1958), Broken Boy (1959) and A Ring of Roses (1965; vt A Wreath of Roses 1965), tend to manipulate the patterns of espionage and thriller fiction to buttress and ultimately provide explanations for tales whose effects are fundamentally akin to Gothic horror and fantasy. Ex-Nazis often crop up in these books, as in A SCENT OF NEW-MOWN HAY, where a German scientist spreads around the world a mutated plague-bearing fungus boasting both the eponymous aroma (which provides early warning to its female victims) and the capacity to Shapeshift; the protagonist of this novel, General Charles Kirk, reappears in several later otherwise unconnected tales'' (John Clute/Encyclopedia of SF, 3rd Edition).

Title: A Scent Of New-Mown Hay (Hugh Lamb's copy).

Author Name: Blackburn, John


Edition: First paperback edition.

Publisher: Penguin Books: Harmondsworth, Middlesex.: 1961.

Binding: Paperback original.

Grading: Page edges browning, a little spine lean, a VG copy.

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