I, Robot.

By: Asimov, Isaac

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Grading: Fine (unread) copy but for a touch of spine edge wear.

Panther 025324. Classic sf novel (actually a collection of nine linked stories), first published by Gnome Press in 1950. The UK 1958 Digit paperback drops two of those nine stories, but this 1968 Panther paperback, the first UK paperback since the Digit (and with new artwork), restores all nine. Panther issued a second robot collection THE REST OF THE ROBOTS the same year, which is common, but this 1968 I. ROBOT is rare.

''it was the third story of the Robot series, ''Liar!'' (May 1941 Astounding), that saw the introduction of the Three Laws of Robotics, whose formulation Asimov credited essentially to Campbell, but which Campbell credited essentially to Asimov. That the constraints engendered by these laws were matters of jurisprudence rather than scientific principle could have been no secret to Asimov, who almost certainly promulgated them for reasons that had little to do with science. In the first instance, the Laws helped put paid to the increasingly worn-out pulp-magazine convention that the robot was an inimical metal monster; they allowed Asimov to argue a plausible alternative for the 1940s with his creation of Positronic Robots; and the Laws generated a large number of stories in which - in lawyerly fashion - various loopholes might be probed and exploited. The early stories in the sequence tend, as a consequence, to treat the history of the robot as a series of conundrums to be solved; these early tales were assembled as I, ROBOT (coll of linked stories 1950). Some of these robot stories were adapted for the BBC television series Out of the Unknown. Although Harlan Ellison wrote a screenplay for I, Robot in 1978 - eventually published as I, Robot: The Illustrated Screenplay (1994) - the film I, Robot (2004) is unrelated to this script and connected only distantly to Asimov's stories'' (John Clute & Malcolm J. Edwards/Encyclopedia of SF, 3rd Edition).

Title: I, Robot.

Author Name: Asimov, Isaac


Edition: First Panther printing.

Publisher: Panther: London.: 1968.

Binding: Paperback.

Grading: Fine (unread) copy but for a touch of spine edge wear.

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