The World In Peril.

By: Chilton, Charles

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Grading: Page edges a little browned, else a fine (unread) copy.

Great Pan G579. SF novel, first published in hardcover in 1960, and the third of three novelisations of the author's 1953-1956 radio sf series JOURNEY INTO SPACE, following the title novel and THE WORLD IN PERIL.

''(1917-2013) UK Radio producer and scriptwriter whose three sf novels comprise a rewrite into novel form of his three-part BBC radio series, Journey Into Space (1953-1956), which he produced and wrote, and which were - and have remained through rebroadcasts - extremely popular. The individual volumes are Journey Into Space (1954), novelizing the first story (broadcast 21 September 1952 to 19 January 1954); The Red Planet(1956), novelizing the second series (broadcast 6 September 1954 to 17 January 1955); and THE WORLD IN PERIL(1960), novelizing the third series (broadcast 26 September 1955 to 6 February 1956). The protagonists of the overall sequence, as initially conceived with inspiration from G A Henty (1832-1902), are barely more interesting than the usual Boys' Paper stalwarts: Jet Morgan, the pilot; Mitch, the inventor; Lemmy, the Cockney radio operator; and Doc, the viewpoint narrator; but these portraits deepen as the author begins to write for his actors, just as the documentary-like exposition of the first flight to the Moon that begins the narrative also becomes more complex: a race that travels through space by Time Travel is encountered in the first volume; and in the main story the chums defend Earth from what seems initially to be an inimical race on Mars, which has almost conquered Earth through the use of 'conditioned' human slaves indistinguishable from normals, but this unusual British evocation of 1950s Cold War paranoia is subverted through the benignity of the solitary remaining Martian, whose remote control (but weaponless) force is invading Earth partly for lebensraum but also to save the planet from its predatory and destructive dominant race. The Martian's failure to conquer Earth - because humans love freedom so deeply - might be perceived in the twenty-first century as a mixed blessing, and in the twentieth century was clearly no blessing at all for the story's non-WASPs and lower orders, many of whom abandon Earth with the Martian for a better life in space. (This third serial caused interest within sf for its ''rebels' song'', based on Robert A Heinlein's Rhysling ballad from ''The Green Hills of Earth'' and used thanks to Chilton's friendship with an American producer'' (John Clute & David Redd/Encyclopedia of SF, 3rd Edition).

Title: The World In Peril.

Author Name: Chilton, Charles


Edition: First paperback edition.

Publisher: Pan Books: London.: 1962.

Binding: Paperback original.

Grading: Page edges a little browned, else a fine (unread) copy.

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