Cap Kennedy 11: Spawn of Laban.

By: Tubb, E. C. (writing as "Gregory Kern")

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Daw UQ1133. Writing as ''Gregory Kern'', Tubb produced sixteen volumes in the Cap Kennedy sf series for Daw Books 1973-1975 (with a 17th published first in Germany 1976, then later in 1983 by Daw}. ''First printing, September 1974'' on copyright page. Cover art for the first 14 volumes by Jack Gaughan (the last two by Eddie Jones.

''Concurrently [with the Dumarest series], writing as Gregory Kern, Tubb produced a more routine space-opera sequence featuring galactic secret agent Cap Kennedy. The Kern titles - beginning with Galaxy of the Lost (1973) and ending with The Galactiad (first published as Das Kosmiche Duelle [''The Cosmic Duel''], 1976; first English version 1983) - lacked the sustaining drive of the Dumarest series, and several titles reworked without much improving sf adventures of the 1950s written by Tubb under this name or that. Still, though these and some of the Dumarest books descend too readily to Clich, Tubb established and successfully maintained a reputation for providing reliably competent adventure sf, full of action, sex and occasional melancholy'' (John Clute & David Langford/Encyclopedia of SF, 3rd Edition).

Title: Cap Kennedy 11: Spawn of Laban.

Author Name: Tubb, E. C. (writing as "Gregory Kern")


Edition: First edition (& 1st printing).

Publisher: Daw Books: NY.: 1974.

Binding: Paperback original.

Grading: NF/Fine (unread) copy.

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