Supernatural Stories no 54/Nightmare.

By: SUPERNATURAL STORIES, (Lionel Fanthorpe)

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Grading: Pages browned, scribble on rear cover, a G/VG copy.

Badger SN 54. 109 volumes in the Supernatural Stories series were published 1954-1967 (there were also 118 volumes published in the science fiction - SF - series between 1957-1966 from the same publisher), most of the stories (but not all) written by Lionel Fanthorpe using his own name and many pseudonyms. This issue - no 54 in the series - is a ''Supernatural Special'' consisting of one book-length novel NIGHTMARE by Fanthorpe writing as ''Leo Brett''. In DOWN THE BADGER HOLE: R. LIONEL FANTHORPE, THE BADGER YEARS (Debbie Cross) pp. 149. A rare Badger paperback.

''From 1954 to 1965 Fanthorpe was an sf writer of remarkable productivity, towards the end of that period producing novels on a weekly schedule for Badger Books, an imprint of John Spencer and Co, work-for-hire for which he was paid 22.50 per 45,000-word volume, dictating his tales into a battery of tape-recorders for transcription by members of his family or by friends. The rushed endings of many of his novels were a result of this practice, as he often did not know how close he was to his allotted word-length until batches of typing had been completed; if a tale had reached its length while still in mid-plot, it would be truncated forthwith; other passages, composed when he was running short and comprising reiterated narrative and sentence fragments, sound (when read aloud) like a particularly dire form of oral poetry. It has been claimed of Fanthorpe that for the years in which he wrote, chiefly 1958 to 1965, he was the world's most prolific writer in the genre'' (Malcolm J. Edwards & John Clute & David Langford/Encyclopedia of SF, 3rd Edition).

Title: Supernatural Stories no 54/Nightmare.

Author Name: SUPERNATURAL STORIES, (Lionel Fanthorpe)


Edition: First edition (& 1st printing).

Publisher: John Spencer/Badger Books: London.: 1962.

Binding: Paperback original.

Grading: Pages browned, scribble on rear cover, a G/VG copy.

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