Cold Hand In Mine: Strange Stories.

By: Aickman, Robert

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Collection of supernatural stories. First published in 1975, the 1st Tartarus printing was in 2011, with a new introduction by Phil Baker. This 2nd Tartarus printing from 2016 has minor revisions to the introduction.

''Robert Aickman was perhaps the finest writer of the ghost story in the second half of the 20th century, and although little of his work is pure fantasy - only a few of his 45 or so stories, and neither of his novels, actually take leave of the mundane world in any sense, except as a prelude to death - he is of absorbing interest in our context because he demonstrates the range of meaning that may be extracted from the devices of any form of fantastic literature, when those devices are treated gravely by a writer of high quality. Most of his work is technically supernatural fiction, about which he comments interestingly in his introductions to his Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories series of anthologies. He commonly focuses not upon the entity (usually a ghost) which violates the fabric of reality but upon his richly conceived protagonists as they thrust towards, and sometimes across, thresholds they do not know how to ''read''. They cannot understand the ghost that faces them because that ghost, in the author's most typical stories - like ''Compulsory Games'' (1976 in Frights ed Kirby McCauley) - is a manifestation, a psychic portrait, of their failure to understand their own lives. Having failed to know themselves, his protagonists become frightened unto death by the fragmented images they glimpse across the uncanny threshold'' (John Clute/Encylopedia of Fantasy).

Title: Cold Hand In Mine: Strange Stories.

Author Name: Aickman, Robert

Edition: Second printing.

ISBN Number: 1905784341

ISBN-13: 9781905784349

Location Published: Tartarus Press: North Yorkshire.: 2016.

Binding: Hardcover.

Grading: Fine copy in a fine dustjacket (as new).

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