The Intelligence Gigantic.

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The author's first sf novel, published in Amzing Stories earlier the same year. Uncommon (wartime) UK hardcover.

''UK writer (1908-1960), extremely prolific, he used many pseudonyms. During the 1930s he wrote for magazines, including the US Pulp magazines, but during WWII he switched to books. He became a central figure in the post - WWII paperback boom, writing numerous Westerns, crime stories and probably some romances as well as his sf, most of which appeared under the names Vargo Statten and Volsted Gridban (the latter pseudonym being taken over from E.C. Tubb). In the pulps he wrote many stories as Thornton Ayre and Polton Cross, and also used the names Geoffrey Armstrong, Dennis Clive, John Cotton and Ephriam Winiki; his sf books and crime stories with sf elements include items signed with the personal pseudonyms Spike Gordon, Conrad G. Holt, Laurence F. Rose, John Russell and Earl Titan, and contributed to various house names. His first genre-SF work as Fearn was the early superman story THE INTELLIGENCE GIGANTIC (1933 AMZ; 1943). It was followed by the extravagant Liners Of Time (1935 AMZ; 1947) and its sequel ''Zagribud'' (1937 AMZ; cut vt Science Metropolis by Vargo Statten 1952); he subsequently wrote a good deal for Astounding SF while it was edited by F. Orlin Tremain, contributing numerous ''thought-variant'' stories, some of which he later expanded into Vargo Statten novels'' (Brian Stableford/Encyclopedia of SF).

Title: The Intelligence Gigantic.

Author Name: Fearn, John Russell

Edition: First edition (& 1st printing).

Location Published: The World's Work Ltd: Kingswood, Surrey.: 1943.

Binding: Hardcover.

Grading: Near fine copy (mustard-coloured boards a little grubby), page edges browning, a near fine (NF) copy (lacking the dustjacket).

Categories: Pulps & Pulp-Related

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